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Page Title: Our Team


Staff: Courtney Garland

Courtney Garland

Founder & CEO, International Operations

Staff: Courtney Bullard

Courtney Bullard

Founder & Executive Director/CEO, U.S.

Staff: Steve Bullard

Steve Bullard

Founder & CFO

The Pearl House Staff:

Staff: Kathy Hitchcock

Kathy Hitchcock

Director of Operations

Staff: Lexi Droemer

Lexi Droemer

Director of Esombo & Development Coordinator

Staff: Richard Reindorf

Richard Reindorf


Staff: Clara Brown

Clara Brown

Communications Coordinator

Millicent Amoah

Millicent Amoah

Social Worker/Caregiver

Victoria Amoha

Victoria Amoah

House Administrator

Staff: Belinda Asante

Belinda Asante


Staff: Kenneth Attomboh

Helena Boaky

Caregiver/Social Worker

Staff: Mary Tenganabang

Mary Paula Tenganabang

Procurement Officer

Staff: Isaac Mensah

Isaac Mensah

Chief of Security

Staff: Kenneth Attomboh

Kenneth Attomboh

Chief Driver

Staff: Kenneth Attomboh

Venolia Nyuiemed

Human Resources

The Pearl House Academy Staff:

Staff: Kenneth Attomboh

Ishmael Amponsah-Quansah

Head Teacher

Staff: Kenneth Attomboh

Emefa Kpogo

Preschool Head Teacher

Staff: Kenneth Attomboh

Catherine Addo

Primary Head Teacher

Staff: Kenneth Attomboh

Rosina Botchway

JHS Head Teacher

The Pearl Career Center Staff:

Staff: Euodias Erzoah

Euodias Erzoah

Site Coordinator

Staff: Joyce Archer

Joyce Archer

Sewing Teacher

Staff: Susan Blay

Susanna Blay


Board of Directors – Ghana

Mr. Amos Asuma-Karikari
Reverend Dr. Edward Enim
Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu
Reverend Grace Akunor
Reverend Paula Tenganabang
Courtney Garland
Steve Bullard

Board of Directors – Tulsa

Eric Schleicher – Chairman
Milford Carter
Russ Collier
Don Conwell
Steve Fasold
Clay Robinson
Katie Rock
Rita Solomon
Laura Stuemky, M.D.
Jill Trice
Carol Weaver
John Weidman

Young Professionals Advisory Board

Clara Brown
Alison Coffey
Emily Copsey
Brooke Couch
Holly Jackson
Jordan Johnson
Laura Johnson
Caitlyn Schleicher 

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