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Page Title: Our Girls

The Pearl House is home to girls ages 10-25. They come from rural villages in Ghana where resources are scarce and jobs are non-existent. Most are orphaned by one or both parents and have nine or more siblings. Each day is a struggle to grow enough food to eat, so the girls are often unhealthy and malnourished when they come to us. Their days have been filled with exhausting farm work and inconsistent education at their local schools.

Typically, childhood ends in one of two ways for these girls: They are either given away in marriage at a young age and start having babies, or they end up in the city where they sleep on unsafe streets and work during the day. If they’re lucky, they will make enough money to survive and send a little back home to their families.

Life at The Pearl House: Opening Doors to Dreams

At The Pearl House, we’re breaking this cycle. From the moment they arrive, our girls are loved unconditionally. They are educated, trained and spiritually prepared to contribute to society as skilled, empowered women. Each girl’s experience includes:

Life After The Pearl House

The idea of continued education, much less a career, didn’t exist for our girls before they came to The Pearl House. Now they are being prepared to lead their communities and change their nation!

From the beginning, each girl meets with our social worker to establish goals and plans for the future. In Ghana, educated teens continue to either a boarding school, which provides the equivalent of a high school education, or to a vocational school. The opportunities that follow are life-changing, particularly for young women from rural villages.

Once our girls are academically and emotionally ready, we oversee their transition to continued education. With support from our donors, we “sponsor” the next chapter of their growth by providing the funds, resources, and support they need to succeed.

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