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What We Do

The idea of education, much less a career didn’t exist for our Pearls before they came to The Pearl House. Now, it is an exciting reality! From the beginning, each girl at The Pearl House is assessed and placed in the appropriate class at The Pearl House Academy. Throughout their education, each girl meets with a social worker to establish goals and plan for the future. The Pearl House provides opportunities for quality education that was never a possibility!

Through The Pearl House Academy, The Pearl House Career Center and Esombo our Pearls, as well as young women in Ghana and even young boys in the communities we serve, have the opportunity to receive an education, vocational training, or even a financially stable career. The Pearl House Academy, The Pearl House Career Center, and Esombo align with the vision and values of The Pearl House. The students, trainees, and employees at each location receive Christian training, nurturing both the mind and spirit.

These new opportunities are life-changing for the girls of The Pearl House and for so many more throughout the communities we serve.

Pearl House Academy

The Pearl House Academy

The Pearl House Academy opened in September 2018 and is located near The Pearl House in Winneba, a village in the Central Region of Ghana. As a subsidiary of The Pearl House, the primary purpose of the Academy is to provide a safe, quality education, preparing students to be Christian leaders in their communities and their nation.

The Pearl House Academy currently serves over 100 students—including girls from The Pearl House whose tuition is paid by its supporters as well as other children and teens in the Winneba region—both boys and girls.

Classes are held in both the administration building of the Academy and the first floor of the main school building. With support from donors, The Pearl House Academy, at completion, will include a three-story school with 18 classrooms, an administration building, a washroom, sports courts, and a playground. This will allow us to serve other eligible students from the area, whose tuition fees (while affordable) will help fund the Academy’s continued operation.

Pearl House Career Center

The Pearl House Career Center

The Pearl House Career Center (PHCC) opened in May 2018 as a private vocational school, equipping young Ghanaian women, between the ages of 16 and 21, with the professional and life skills they need to succeed.

Located in the capital of the Jomoro District of Ghana, the PHCC is the only vocational school in the vicinity of Half-Assini, leaving the resident young women with few opportunities after junior high school. As a result, many become pregnant and financially dependent on boyfriends or husbands.

As graduates of our two-year program, these women are empowered and equipped to choose a different life of business ownership. With support from its donors, The Pearl House sponsors the next steps of their growth by providing the funds, resources, and support they need to succeed.

The Pearl House Career Center trains two classes each year. We hope to open additional career centers
throughout Ghana. This will allow the Career Center to accept more students and offer additional
programs of study.

The Pearl House Haven

Too often, the girls and young women who come to us are facing deep trauma and emotional wounds. They have been through unimaginable things- things that food, shelter, and education simply cannot heal. Before they can thrive in The Pearl House or The Pearl House Academy, before they can bring the Gospel to their communities and their nation… they need a place to rest and heal. We have built them one. 

The Pearl House Haven (TPHH) is a Christian counseling center offering group sessions, specialized therapy and more to our current and future Pearls, Academy students, and community members. The Haven is equipped to provide transitional/emergency shelter for new and potential Pearls, as well as other young women in the community. 

Here at The Pearl House Haven, we have small “family” houses, each designed to house up to 8 new Pearls and a caregiver. We also have flexible spaces to allow for worship, fellowship, and group activities. 

At The Pearl House Haven, we uniquely address the trauma and emotional issues impacting our girls. We provide the support and setting they need to heal so they can embrace all the incredible opportunities that lay ahead. Once girls are referred to TPHH, they will be with us for six to nine months before reintegrating back into their family system or being mainstreamed into The Pearl House Residential Care program.

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