How to Help

Those interested in monthly support can choose from these three giving options.

Priceless Pearl – $250 and up – Invest

As a monthly donor your gift will invest in the future of The Pearl House by contributing toward present and future facility establishment.

Cherished Pearl – $150 – Sponsor

Develop a relationship with a Pearl while covering monthly living expenses of personal and educational care.

Treasured Pearl – $50 and up – Partner

Contribute to a healthy lifestyle by providing the Pearls with clean water, electricity and a safe environment.

The Pearl House operates entirely from the donations of people like you and profits from merchandise. If you would like more information about our giving options or one-time donations, please contact us.

 If you would like to know of different giving options (namely ones that carry fewer or no administrative fees, please contact us. 


Educate a man, you change an individual. Educate a woman, you change a nation.

— Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey