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Ground Breaking

We have good news from the Pearl House this week. On Saturday morning our household was able to gather, along with our pastor, our contractor and a board member to dedicate the land where the Pearl House will soon be situated. After signing a contract with our builder on 2nd April, the work of digging up ground is ready to begin later on this week. I am beyond excited to see this forward movement happening. Progress updates will be posted regularly, have no fear! Thank you for your prayers and support in getting us to this point. Please continue to pray that the funds will come.                         IMG_9878 IMG_9853

Ghana Update

“Please, will you come and pick me next week?” Eleven year old Lukaya spoke these words to me as we were leaving the market today. Hope is what I saw in her beautiful eyes. A second chance may be coming her way. Redemption is hers in the Lord. She is far away from her original tribe in the Northern part of Ghana. Someone came through their village and offered a better way of life in Accra, the capital city. Lukaya’s story is like countless others. She sleeps on a bench every night. She has no parents. And selling food out of a bowl on her head is how she gets enough to survive. We have met a sea of beautiful faces this week. Those images are constantly running through my mind and heart in continual prayer. I don’t understand how things get this bad. I hate the evil in the world, especially toward those who are the most vulnerable. But I do know this. The Lord sees them. He knows their name. He loves them more than we can imagine.[envira-gallery id=”289″]

My hope is that the Lord will lead us to the girls He has picked out for us already. We cannot help every girl, but we can be faithful with the ones He does send our way. May they find hope, redemption, truth and life through their time in the Pearl House. Only by God’s grace.

Thank you for your prayers. We are well and praising the Lord day by day.
Blessings, Courtney G



Many of you have enquired about dates, times, plans and any news going forward. Well, I wanted to use this space to give you a short rundown of what we like to call “the plan.”

Currently, as you know, we are raising funds to get going. This is the most challenging portion (so far, it’s one of the only portions we have encountered, so that’s not saying too awful much): selling something that doesn’t yet exist. We are so thankful to the many who have donated and bought into the vision sight unseen. God sees you! (and so do we!) We need several thousand dollars to just get going (hey, it costs money to operate even this web site). We have broken down some of our fundraising efforts. We needed about $10,000 to travel to Ghana this January to film a documentary, look for a rental house, and take some photos to help with visioneering and fundraising. The house will be a temporary home for The Pearl House as soon as we have the operating funds. That is the second phase. We need about $15,000 to secure a house (praying for smaller amount) and about $35-50,000 to run things for the year. (this includes several start-up costs). Next November, we plan to raise about $650,000 to build The Pearl House campus and hopefully begin to endow the future costs to operate annually.

We hope to begin gathering girls and moving them in by Spring, hopefully April or May. The 4-6 girls we begin with will serve as a sort of pilot program as we begin to implement the educational and recovery elements. By November, we will certainly have a “product to sell.”

Today, however, we ask you to pray for and think about the stories that are soon to unfold. Pray that God will provide (we know He will). Perhaps you are part of His plan to help fund The Pearl House, network us with people who can, or to pray for the girls who will live there initially. However God uses you, we know because you are reading this blog, you are already supporting and praying for our efforts. Thank you.

The Pearl House

Chances are, you’ve read our story. You have caught the vision. You are excited that we are all in this process together of building a refuge for at-risk teen girls in Ghana. There is need everywhere. The need in Ghana is as bad as it is anywhere. And even as you read this, the need grows.

That’s what keeps me up at night.

With every day that passes, another 24 hours during which we didn’t get to minister to these precious pearls. From the glass-half-full perspective, it moves us that much closer to experiencing the reality of The Pearl House.

 So please pray. Pray for the pearls on the streets. Pray that God will watch over them until we get there. Pray that we will get there swiftly. We know God has all of this under His control, but we can’t seem to get over the urgency we feel.

Thanks for coming to this site and checking in on us. We are making progress. It’s slow, but we are getting there. We need to do this right. We want to do it well.

So where are we? We are working on several things right now. We are working on a large-scale fundraiser event which will both raise money for The Pearl House building and also money for the operations. This will be in the half million dollar range. In the meantime, we are working on raising operating funds. Simple moneys for stamps, meetings, and the like. Also for a small film crew to travel to Ghana to film a documentary to help bring the story home. And finally to raise money to rent a house and operate The Pearl House with a small number of girls while the permanent building is being constructed. Please pray about how you can help us with small fundraisers in your school, church, and community. Or give online by clicking the donate button on the right! Most of all, pray for The Pearl House and the precious pearls. Thank you so much for partnering with us. Please continue to check in on us!

Educate a man, you change an individual. Educate a woman, you change a nation.

— Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey