How can I help?

Absolutely! Tell people about us, share our videos, and tell our story. If you live near Tulsa, you can come to our office and help with periodic projects. If not, you or your group can do fundraisers for us (please notify us and allow us to approve, first). You can also help with other projects. Simply email us and let us know you wish to pitch in!

Can I intern?

Yes. See our intern page for applications and more information.

Can I visit The Pearl House?

Yes! Email us for group or individual information. Trips and group sizes are very limited, so plan far ahead. Keep in mind, The Pearl House is not a mission trip planning organization, though we can help, on a limited basis, organize an impactful experience for you while in Ghana, including ministry in surrounding areas. If in Ghana on business or pleasure, or your organization is planning a mission trip to Ghana and you would like to make a short visit, please schedule in advance. Saturdays are generally the best day.

What is the online fundraiser on this site specifically for?

These funds go to educate, nourish, and provide shelter for our Pearls. Also, your donations help with some administrative costs that are necessary to make The Pearl House operate in a highly efficient manner.

Can I place a “donate” button on my website or blog?

Yes you can. Please submit your request to us formally. We will need to approve your website before we grant permission. Thank you!

When I donate online, does my donation incur administrative fees?

Yes. In addition to typical credit card fees, third-party donation sites will charge admin fees. Sometimes convenience outweighs the cost for donors. But, if you would like to donate without fees, simply send us a check to PO Box 738, Jenks, OK 74037.

Educate a man, you change an individual. Educate a woman, you change a nation.

— Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey