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Ghana Update

“Please, will you come and pick me next week?” Eleven year old Lukaya spoke these words to me as we were leaving the market today. Hope is what I saw in her beautiful eyes. A second chance may be coming her way. Redemption is hers in the Lord. She is far away from her original tribe in the Northern part of Ghana. Someone came through their village and offered a better way of life in Accra, the capital city. Lukaya’s story is like countless others. She sleeps on a bench every night. She has no parents. And selling food out of a bowl on her head is how she gets enough to survive. We have met a sea of beautiful faces this week. Those images are constantly running through my mind and heart in continual prayer. I don’t understand how things get this bad. I hate the evil in the world, especially toward those who are the most vulnerable. But I do know this. The Lord sees them. He knows their name. He loves them more than we can imagine.[envira-gallery id=”289″]

My hope is that the Lord will lead us to the girls He has picked out for us already. We cannot help every girl, but we can be faithful with the ones He does send our way. May they find hope, redemption, truth and life through their time in the Pearl House. Only by God’s grace.

Thank you for your prayers. We are well and praising the Lord day by day.
Blessings, Courtney G


Educate a man, you change an individual. Educate a woman, you change a nation.

— Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey